iOS and Android apps

What type of smartphone do you have? Chances are that you either have an iPhone or a Samsung. And chances are that this has probably something to do with their range of apps. Because let’s be honest: the range on offer on a Windows phone is much less than on either of the other two. And that at the same time makes it less attractive to app developers to develop a Windows app.

‘Brand new’: present yourself with an app.

People often associate a brand with the name of a product or company. But did you know that you are in fact your own brand? “You, my friend, are a brand” online marketing strategist Barry Feldman once said. His statement refers to the image you create for yourself, intentionally or unintentionally.

Digi-Commerce introduces new app platform

This month, Digi-Commerce will launch the app-platform App & Apply. By doing so, the online solutions specialist satisfies the growing need for apps. The platform is interesting for resellers such as advertising and marking agencies and at the same time offers an affordable solution for companies, businesses and organisations.

Are you outsourcing yet?

Market research agencies call it one of the trends of now: outsourcing, i.e. the (partial) subcontracting of your work to third parties. ICT outsourcing in particular is still gaining popularity each day. Marquit, for instance, reports that in the United States alone, more than 2.4 million ICT jobs were outsourced in the past decade.

5 reasons to opt for a company app

Today’s technology changes the way we communicate and work. For example, 5.5 billion people are online with their mobile phones compared to 1.5 billion via a computer (source: iMpact) and 70% of employees also read their business mail outside working hours (source: Clicksoftware). The use of mobile apps is rising fast.

Your smartphone as wallet

Long queues at the tills, having left your loyalty card or a wallet bursting at the seams as you did bring all your cards. They are all inconvenient yet recognisable situations that are part and parcel when doing your daily grocery shopping. Or not?

2015 shows enormous growth in mobile apps

Research by Flurry and The Next Web has demonstrated that the use of mobile apps for smartphones and tablets in 2013 grew by no less than 115 percent compared to the year before. Flurry keeps track of the statistics of more than 400,000 apps and also collects data of more than 3.5 billion app session.

4 reasons why your customers want an app

Do you want to have apps made for your customers? Or would you like to provide a better service to your customers by means of a special app? We have set listed 4 reasons for you below as to why your customers want an app.

Earning money with your app

Would you like to earn money with an app? Or would you like to recoup your investment or generate additional income? Fortunately, there are various ways to achieve this with the most popular methods set out below.

Five best tips for designing an app

Do you want to design an app with the App generator? There is no need for coding and programming, as we have already done this for you, thus enabling you to fully focus on the design of your app. Yet how can you design a great looking app with hardly any experience in graphic design?